Mouse & Keyboard Literacy

This course will help improve your ability to use the mouse and keyboard, making you more efficient at interacting with a computer.

The modules included in this course are:

  • Mouse Basics
  • Keyboard Basics
  • Touch typing
  • Mastering the keyboard

Microsoft Office Literacy

This is a basic Microsoft Office Literacy course, to give you enough information to understand how to use Microsoft office for daily use in a job or in life.

  • Word 101
  • Excel 101
  • Powerpoint 101
  • Outlook 101
  • Skype 101
  • OneNote 101

Full testimonial

  1. Please tell us a bit about yourself and your business? My name is Kishore A. Shah. I am an independant Financial Advisor for the last 45 years. I have my own Financial Services business
  2. What problems were you facing before working with Virr? My problem was relating to IT and technological issues as I am over 70 years old and having worked with paperwork must of my working life has was becoming difficult it was becoming difficult to adapt to new technological advancements
  3. Specifically what impact did that have in your business and life? As I was very much dealing with telephone conversations and paperwork it was getting difficult to come to terms with using online services both at and personal life.
  4. Did you try any other solutions? Yes I have tried to use computers at work and home. However due to continuous advances in these technologies, it was getting increasingly difficult to keep up the them. I needed to therefore sharpen my IT skills, and do this in slow and more systematic manner.
  5. How did working with Virr meet your needs? I spoke to Virr and emphasised my frustration in trying to keep up with the advancement in the new technology. During my conversation I emphasised my feeling that due to my age I was very slow in getting to grips with the advancements. I also mentioned my memory of my friend and colleagues of my age were some similar difficulties. Additionally I stressed that people in our category need to take the learning slowly but steadily. Virr was one of the young persons who immediately understood my feelings and suggested that he can help me to go forward with learning at my speed. Once Virr started teaching me the best thing was that he had the patience to teach me the IT skills at my speed rather than rushing into this. This helped me thoroughly and it did not take me long before I started enjoying IT skills for the first time.
  6. Why have you chosen to recommend Virr in this testimony? Virr has, in my opinion, the best skill i.e. Patience, to teach the older people at the speed they need. My experience was that once he explained to me each step at a time, and then putting it in a diary, it became a pleasure to learn. I am now at a standard where I feel a lot more confident in using all the IT skills. I would definitely recommend anyone, especially people of the older generation.

Social media wiz

After working with Virr I was able to finally understand social media, like Facebook and Twitter. Now I can keep up to date with my friends and family all the time, and even video call them!

— Anon

Bespoke Guides

After every session, you will receive a typed-up copy of the notes in your email, which can also be printed out if necessary. As client you also have access to the online resource catalogue, for life.

Excel 101

This is a basic Excel course, to give you enough information to understand how to use Excel for daily life.


Learn about:

  • Software environment (save, print, protect, etc.)
  • Functions (SUM, IF, etc.)
  • Data management (filters, pivot tables, etc.)
  • Formatting (number formats, conditional formatting, etc.)

Windows 101

This is a basic Computer Literacy course for Windows users, to give you enough information to understand how to use a computer for daily life.

Learn to:

  • Use the mouse and keyboard most efficiently
  • Navigate around Windows
  • Use a web browser
  • Become a search wiz
  • Not panic when things go wrong
  • Stay safe online

This course is valid for multiple versions of Windows, including

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll be able to use your computer with much less frustration! Couldn’t everybody do with a bit less frustration in their lives?

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